If you can't make the journey to Thailand, come join the experience with Thai Sun. Indulge yourself at Thai Sun, where you can discover tantalizing Thai cuisine both traditional and contemporary in a comfortable atmosphere.

Thai food has enchanted many people with its distinctive qualities. The combination of spices, herbs and fresh ingredients makes dining a special experience at Thai Sun. To your pleasure, not only must our ingredients be carefully selected for you. We hand pick our produce daily and DON'T USED M.S.G. to keep our food healthy as Thai food should be.
The presentation must also be creative to equally satisfy all your senses.
Thai food has become one of the fastest growing favourite choices of ethnic food, due to the combination in each dish of the four traditional flavours - sweet, sour, salty, and spicy, not to mention the health benefits. 

Get creative and choose what will be your favourite combination of the ideal Thai meal!